In EMF360, you create a course one time, and deliver it however and whenever you like.

Create it Once, Deliver it Anywhere, AnyTime

According to the Industry Report by Training Magazine, in 2016 41.2% of training was done with an instructor in a classroom, 16.8% was done with an instructor live-online with an instructor instructing to a virtual classroom, 31% was done via self-paced learning and the rest was done in a variety of ways, indicated as hybrid. As a training provider, you have to deliver in at least three formats to meet the needs of your customers. EMF360 helps you create the course once, and deliver it anywhere, anytime.

Today's Challenge

To deliver an Instructor-led class, you must purchase books, create PowerPoint for the instructor, create printed quizzes, set up lab computers, create additional study guides to hand out, and create a final exam. When students are in a classroom, they want to have something in their hands.

To deliver a Live-Online class, you must find digital courseware (hopefully matches the books you bought for in-person courses), create digital quizzes and a way to administer them, buy access to an online lab platform, and then sign up for Go-To-Something to deliver it. To deliver a Self-Paced class, you have to buy an LMS, upload digital courseware, create the student accounts, upload videos, create digital quizzes in the LMS, and about 100 hours of additional work to create a Self-Paced Online course for your students.

By the way, you now have three separate courses on three separate systems to learn and for your students to have to use, and you now have to try to keep them all in sync so your students get the same level of professionalism on all three platforms...

EMF360 Fixes All of That

In EMF360, you create a course one time, and deliver it however and whenever you like. A course is a set of associated assets for the students such as quizzes, labs, etc. Classes defines how, where, and to whom you deliver it.

When you create a course in EMF360, you define the course, upload the courseware, define the printed book you use, create the quizzes, you create the virtual labs on our built-in virtualization platform, you upload the instructor PowerPoints, you create the flashcards, etc. This is done one time for all delivery venues.

The next step is to schedule a class. When you create a class, you define what course you are teaching, define the delivery method (Instructor Led, Live Online, Self-Paced), define a start date, an end date, add students, an instructor if necessary, and you are done.

The beauty to EMF360 is that no matter how you want to deliver a course, you create it once, and deliver it anytime, anywhere on one platform.
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