EMF360 User Experience

EMF360 is broken into four different roles: Administrators, Content Developers, Instructors, and Students.

For the Administrators

Administrators receive an email pointing them to the EMF360 Admin Center portal. Administrators have access to all of the tools needed to create / edit courses and view the progress of the entire system. Features include: Heartbeat Dashboard, Controller Dashboard, Course Studio, Class Studio, Vendors & Certifications Management, Users & Organization Management, Content Library, Predictive Analysis, Instructor Tools, Asses Management, Location & Classroom Management, Custom Reporting, App Settings, FAQ, and the EMF360 Manual.

For the Content Developer

For the Content Developer, they receive an email pointing them to the EMF360 Content Developer portal. Content Developers are given access to Classes as well as the Content Library. Content Developers can add / edit content to courses to help build stronger courses for students.

For the Instructor

For the Instructor, they receive their schedule, the information about their class, the assets to deliver the course, and all of the delivery tools such as CyberCast instructor, Self-Paced mentoring and monitoring, and presentation slides for live in-person delivery all in one easy to use Instructor Center portal.

For the Students

For the students, they receive an email pointing them to the EMF360 Student Center portal. They log in and receive everything they need for the class. Instructor led classes have classroom directions and logistics, an instructor bio, classmates, digital courseware for reading ahead, virtual labs for use in class or after class, quizzes, additional reading, flashcards, and a final exam. If the class is Live Online, they receive all of the assets listed above. They will also have the ability to view the live instructor in the same student portal via our built-in streaming classroom called CyberCast. If the class is Self-Paced, videos are available and a LMS style course that they can follow and walk through on their own.

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